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Hermosa Beach The First Carbon Neutral City In The South Bay


The low carbon, green economy revolution has begun and Hermosa Beach has a leadership role to play. Local citizen activists offer a path and their help to get there.


The Vision - Hermosa Beach as "The Green Idea City"


Create a destination location city that distinguishes itself as the place where viable green solutions are actively demonstrated, showcased and incorporated into daily life. Practical technology is now available to cut energy use, cut greenhouse gas emissions, cut pollution and waste. We'll use these tools and inspired local leadership to transform Hermosa Beach into a carbon-neutral place to live, work and play and serve as a model community from which others can learn to do likewise.


A Sense of Urgency

Stimulus, grant and private clean energy funding is available and starting to flow. Money is limited and many cities and interests are already competing. Hermosa Beach is small, nimble and has the ability to move quickly and seize these opportunities. The accelerating rate of climate change and the related financial and lifestyle impacts forecast by our state of California add to urgency level.


Benefits to the City

  • Becoming the Green Idea City will stimulate the local economy, attract green and clean tech investment and creates multiple economic opportunities as Hermosa Beach becomes a green business incubator and model.
  • California's cap and trade program starts statewide in 2012 with valuable carbon credits to be gained. These carbon credits may be of special value to McPherson Oil who will need to offset their California carbon footprint. This may be a possible path to break legal impasse. Possible tax and bond credits that result might also be valuable assets
  • Leverages the now open window of opportunity with plug-in vehicles just ramping-up production. Positions Hermosa Beach as THE beach destination location for plug-in car drivers to visit, shop, eat at restaurants and spend leisure dollars. Improves public health locally with each plug-in that replaces gas only vehicles.
  • Tangible and actionable branding and marketing advantages will result from being the small town beach city with the big green ideas.
  • Seize control of the city's energy destiny, future costs and carbon footprint. Cut carbon and greenhouse gas emissions per AB 32 mandates and Cool Cities agreement.


Why Hermosa Beach?

  • The 1.4 square mile footprint, desirable geographic location and enlightened leadership make Hermosa the ideal demonstration city for many green initiatives. For example, smart grid synergy will be created with addition of EV chargers, solar PV and smart meters.
  • Backed by Congresswoman Harman, smart meters and a net zero energy, zero carbon house demonstrator projects are already coming to HB far ahead of other cities.
  • The Upper Pier Project offers a unique opportunity to create the first building block of this Green Idea City by adding plug-in car charging infrastructure to the plan. It creates ideal opportunity to add solar-powered charging PV carports. Hermosa can further maximize potential by setting a goal of solar power on every commercial building on Pier Ave and should facilitate property owners' use of AB 811 to fund their systems.




Top 10 Reasons For Hermosa Beach to Become a Carbon Neutral City


1.  Local economic benefits as city becomes green tech test center and green business incubator. Attracts EV car drivers early and becomes beach city Mecca for plug-in owners to visit and spend money in. More money stays in city's budget and citizens' pockets as a result of energy efficiency savings and savings from solar PV stabilizing/reducing electricity rates. More income generated from carbon credits and feed-in tariffs. Valuable cap and trade economic benefits for city to sell/barter.


2.  Window of opportunity currently open to take carbon neutral commitment lead and get out front of every other South Bay city and every city in Southern California. Stimulus money, grant money, AB 811 loans and VC funding prospects are all enhanced for the lead small city declaring its intent and plan to become carbon neutral.


3.  Likewise that window of opportunity is now open for the first iconic beach city going carbon neutral to reap the positive media attention and free PR awareness benefits worldwide and then exploit those media assets to the city's greater advantage.


4.  Creates a more healthy, livable community for citizens with improved air quality and overall improved quality of life. Cuts healthcare costs while enhancing real estate values as a result.


5.  Green Idea City initiative generates lucrative partnerships with public utilities, alternative energy manufacturers/providers/developers, green builders, alternative transportation industry, high tech leaders and energy efficiency enterprises.


6.  1.3 square mile footprint of city makes achieving carbon neutrality possible and makes Hermosa Beach a highly attractive, compact test city for smart grid, plug-in chargers, all EV city vehicle fleet, solar/wind/renewable energy production, city wide energy monitoring, etc.


7.  Redefines city brand to create new value, appeal and interest for citizens and visitors. Green Idea City unites and galvanizes Hermosa community behind an engaging storyline and positive/productive vision. Hermosa becomes city with special purpose. Especially effective for youth population and their engagement and leadership moving forward. Also critical for attracting future leaders and community assets.


8.  Puts Hermosa directly on target to meet all state emission reduction mandates and state renewable energy targets locally. Garners support at state and federal levels both financially and politically.


9.  Logical extension of AB 32, Cool Cities, SB 375, Title 24 and Hermosa's own role as green leader/pioneer. Going carbon neutral is key to preserving the unparalleled beach culture that has made Hermosa so special for its entire history.


10.  The ticking clock of climate change risks already high and accelerating. The California state adaptation plan foresees serious risk mitigation costs necessary for coastal communities. Going carbon neutral is the responsible and farsighted response to these issues and protecting property and life style interest of citizens. We'll have to do it sooner or later and Hermosa can serve as a high profile model for all other coastal communities to follow.


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